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Pharmacy Services

Get EnteraGam® delivered right to your door

Fill your prescription using EnteraGam® personalized pharmacy services (powered by Foundation Care) to receive a full-service experience no other retail pharmacy can match, including:

  • Ability to process all EnteraGam® co-pay assistance vouchers (for eligible patients*)
  • Highly competitive retail prices (regardless of insurance plan)
  • Guaranteed product availability
  • Assistance with insurance claim processing
  • Customized refill reminders (phone, e-mail, or text)
  • 24/7 telephone access to a pharmacist
  • Free home delivery
Getting started is easy

First, have your healthcare provider e-prescribe or fax your EnteraGam® prescription to Foundation Care Pharmacy at 1-844-368-3722 before you run out of the samples that your doctor provided.

Just 3 more steps:
  1. Confirm your order: Foundation Care Pharmacy cannot ship your EnteraGam® without your consent. Call them at 1-844-368-3721 (note: if they call you, they will call from area code 314 [Missouri]).
  2. Provide your insurance information: Foundation Care Pharmacy needs your insurance information to determine your coverage and calculate your co-pay.
  3. Receive your shipment: Your EnteraGam® will ship to your home via standard ground delivery (typically 3-5 business days).

personalized pharmacy services

Need to transfer your EnteraGam® prescription? We can do it for you

Call us toll-free at 1-844-368-3721 (1-844-ENTERA1) and provide: (1) the Rx number on your current prescription and (2) the name and phone number of the pharmacy that filled your initial prescription. A friendly Patient Care Specialist will contact the pharmacy on your behalf and complete the transfer of your existing EnteraGam® prescription.

*This co-pay voucher program is not valid for prescriptions reimbursed under Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, or any other federal or state program, or where prohibited by law. Vouchers can also be used at other pharmacies. Even if you don’t have insurance you can still save on EnteraGam®. Call 1-844-368-3721 (1-844-ENTERA1) for more information.

READ THIS EXPLANATION OF CHARGES BEFORE ORDERING PRODUCT. The charges you will pay for the product that you will receive are intended to compensate Entera Health, Inc. (“Entera”) for various expenses incurred in connection with producing the product and providing the product to you. These costs include, without limitation, various costs associated with sourcing and obtaining raw materials, costs related to regulatory requirements, quality assurance, program management, licensing, manufacturing, processing, handling, and packaging the products, and delivering them to you. These charges do not necessarily reflect the actual amount of the costs described in the preceding sentence. The actual costs incurred by Entera may vary from customer to customer (depending on a customer’s particular location, delivery method, delivery speed, time of delivery, and other factors); Entera does not intend to make any adjustments to the price you will pay on the basis of any such variance in expenses. Entera expects that the charges you will pay for the product you will receive will be less than the total cost incurred by Entera in connection with the product, but Entera HAS NOT conducted a cost/price analysis for any particular shipment or order of product and does not make any representations or warranties regarding any of the foregoing matters.

Intended Use

EnteraGam® is a medical food product intended for the dietary management of chronic diarrhea and loose stools. EnteraGam® must be administered under medical supervision.

Important Safety Information:

EnteraGam® contains beef protein: therefore, patients who have an allergy to beef or any other component of EnteraGam® should not take this product. EnteraGam® has not been studied in pregnant women, in women during labor and delivery, or in nursing mothers. The choice to administer EnteraGam® during pregnancy, labor and delivery, or to nursing mothers is at the clinical discretion of the prescribing physician.

EnteraGam® does not contain any milk-derived ingredients such as lactose, casein, or whey. EnteraGam® is gluten-free, dye-free, and soy-free.

Please see full Product Information

To report suspected adverse reactions, contact Entera Health, Inc. at 1-855-4ENTERA (1-855-436-8372), or the FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088 (1-800-332-1088) or